November Course Update

The greens have recovered well following the hollow-coring and have good grass coverage going into the autumn.

Due to the mild weather, some spots of fusarium appeared, but all greens have been sprayed with a fungicide along with a fertiliser application. All greens will be solid tinned and slit tinned starting in November and continuing throughout the winter, this aerates the soil and will improve the greens drainage. We have also introduced plastic hole stabilisers which will help preserve the edge of the holes and reduce the risk of collapse throughout the winter.

All tees and approaches have now received a slow release fertiliser application that will gradually release nutrients throughout the winter, helping to improve the density of grass on the tees and approaches. We also carried out over seeding on tees and approaches during October which will help recover any bare areas caused through wear and tear or weather conditions. Verti-draining on tees and approaches will be carried out through November, this will aid root development and promote drainage by causing fissures and cracking in the soil.

Some of you may have noticed damage on the 9th and 11th tees, unfortunately this was caused by a hydraulic leak from our tee mower but the tees will be seeded, top dressed and fertilised to aid recovery.

Fairways have now been sprayed to reduce worm casting along with a fertiliser application. Verti draining will be carried out in November, which will help improve grass density and drainage.

Post and rope has been installed throughout the course and whilst this may add few minutes to your game and bit more walking, this will really help in protecting greens and approaches from traffic and to allow for recovery ready for next year. The post and rope will be moved if areas become too worn and damaged by traffic. Frost holes will also be placed in front of the greens for periods of long frosts - the Golf Shop will inform you when they are in play as the flag positions/ colours will be wrong.

Over the next week or so we expect to see the majority of leaves coming down following the colder weather, we will be doing our best to move these out of play for the time being with a view to collect and remove them once the majority are down.


Haydn Drinkwater 

Course Manager