Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

There’s nothing quite like personal coaching, which is why all the top tournament professionals have their own golf coaches. You too can have your own golf coach to help improve your game, whether it is a one-off lesson to fine tune specific aspects of your game, or a series of sessions to lower your handicap.

Download our Coaching Menu to find out about the wide and comprehensive selection of coaching options available. There are over forty different lesson types taking into consideration all areas of the game.

To book a lesson call 01582 793493 option 3, simply select the type of lesson you require and quote the booking reference code at the time of booking, as well as how long you require the lesson for.

Our team of expert PGA qualified Professionals are ready and waiting to help you play your best golf.

Individual Lesson Tariff


Half Hour Lesson £33
Hour Lesson £60
Six Half Hour Lessons  £165
Six Hour Lessons  £300

Juniors (aged under 12)

Half Hour Lesson £22
Six Half Hour Lessons 


All lessons are one to one unless otherwise stated.

Lesson Promotion
Buy six lessons for the price of five and two people can share a lesson for the price of one! Call the golf shop on 01582 793493 to get booked in today.

Teaching Methods

As well as the more tailored and traditional teaching methods, we offer some exciting alternatives using the latest in golf technology.

Video Analysis
Video Analysis allows you to see every movement of your golf swing. Using tools such as slow motion, on screen drawing and action replay, you and your instructor can identify specific elements of your swing to work on.

Launch Monitor
The Launch Monitor enables you to see immediately how your performance is affected by even the slightest change to grip, swing or stance. This system measures ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and side angle and presents the results on an easy to use colour display screen.

The Explanar Golf Training System delivers an unrivalled kinaesthetic experience that accelerates golf learning. Explanar helps you work on your swing plane and will give you a powerful and repeatable swing. You’ll become fitter for golf; hitting the ball longer and straighter with more consistency.

Pinseeker Technology
The latest Bushnell and Sky Caddie devices are utilised to improve club selection, distance control and course management skills.